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Szio+ Digital Basal Thermometer

”Such a great find. The quality of the product and bright back light were exactly what I needed. It was actually hard to find a 100th degree thermometer!
— Anita, reviewed on Well.ca
Szio+ UTI Test Strip

”Awesome to have this available. I get a lot of recurrent UTIs so knowing I am positive or clear is so handy!
— L.B., reviewed on Well.ca
Szio+ 36PAC UTI Supplement

”I was recommended this product by my specialist because it had the 36PAC concentration. It’s been working well and I’ve been UTI free for the past few months! I highly recommend it.
— Amanda, reviewed on Amazon

A Personal Connection to UTIs…

Learn about our story to see where our passion for self-care and especially urinary tract infections originated from.


Know Yourself - Women's Health in Fertility & UTI 

Szio+ empowers you to monitor your health at your own convenience by offering high-quality home-based diagnostic tests and supplements across selected therapeutic areas:


Fertility products including Geratherm Canada's ovulation and pregnancy tests


Unique thermometers, non contact, pacifier, forehead and basal body


Home-based UTI test and clinically proven UTI supplement 36mg PAC