Know Yourself - Women's Health in Fertility & UTI Treatments

Szio+ empowers you to monitor your health at your own convenience by offering high-quality home-based diagnostic tests and supplements across selected therapeutic areas:


Fertility products including Geratherm Canada's ovulation and pregnancy tests


Unique thermometers, non contact, pacifier, forehead and basal body


Home-based UTI test and clinically proven UTI supplement 36mg PAC 

What People Are Saying

UTI Test Strip

”Awesome to have this available. I get a lot of recurrent UTIs so knowing I am positive or clear is so handy!
— L.B.
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Ovu Control

”Excellent product. I was blown away with how fast it was shipped and how easy it is to use. It’s so nice that is reusable. I hope more women discover this option.
— Amber
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Basal Body Thermometer

”I got this product with my Complete Control Bundle and it’s working amazing. Was very hard to find a basal digital already and the quality of the plastic on this one is really good. It’s soft and we use it as our household thermometer too!
— Anita
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