For many of us, once you are sure you're ready to expand your family, it can’t happen fast enough. You probably want to make sure you’re minimizing the time you have to wait to get pregnant—after all, 9 months already sounds like an eternity when you’re waiting for your newborn to come into the world.

Aside from luck, women who get pregnant fast often take a few of the same steps. Here are 4 major things you can do to help speed up the process:

1. Visit your doctor before you start trying

One of the best ways to begin a healthy pregnancy is with a pre-conception visit to your doctor’s office. During this visit, your doctor will review your medical history, your current health, and the supplements and prescriptions that you have been taking. If you take prescription medication frequently, a pre-conception visit is especially important, as there are several medications that you should not take during pregnancy or while trying to conceive.


2. Consider a few lifestyle changes for you and your partner

A healthy pregnancy depends on both partners—not just the one that will carry the baby. Here are a few lifestyle changes that can help increase your changes of conceiving quickly:

  • Cut down on alcohol consumption and completely cut out tobacco to maintain healthy reproductive organs
  • Consume a diet rich in zinc, folic acid, calcium, and vitamins C & D to help ensure healthy ovaries and strong, plentiful sperm
  • For the men: Avoid areas of extreme heat (such as hot tubs or saunas) while trying to conceive. Sperm production can be significantly effected for months after exposure to high temperatures


3. Figure out when you are ovulating

Getting pregnant fast often comes down to timing. There is small window in each of your cycles where you have the potential to get pregnant, and you can identify this time through calendar tracking, basal body temperature measurement, or by using an ovulation predictor kit.

The most convenient and accurate method of tracking your fertile period is Ovu Control. This product is a reusable apparatus that can let you know when conceiving is the most likely based on a saliva test. It is much easier (and less costly) than relying on urine test strips.


4. Ensure you're trying at the right time and frequency

During your fertile period, you should try to conceive every day to maximize your chances. Keep in mind that if it has been days since you last tried, there will probably be a portion of non-useful sperm present until ejaculation takes place.

If you are not using a method to predict when you are fertile, or you are using the calendar method, it is suggested that you try every other day, for a longer period of time (between the 7th and 21st days of your cycle).



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