YoSperm - Digital Home Sperm Test

YoSperm - Home Sperm Test for Smartphones

$87.99 CAD

A significant number of fertility problems are related to sperm health and not only ovulation. This test enables couples to understand where the problem may lie!

  • TEST YOUR SPERMS MOTILITY - This amazing product can instantly record and display moving, living viable sperm, which is considered more vital and important than the total number of sperm count. If they can't make the swim, they can't meet the Egg!
  • ACCURATE - This home test provides results with greater than 97% accuracy in clinical trials. It’s fast, reliable, and the most proven home fertility semen analysis on the market today. These results are based on the World Health Organizations 5th Edition standards.
  • HEALTH CANADA AND FDA CLEARED - This FDA cleared product was developed by Medical Electronic Systems, the world leader in commercial grade automated semen analyzers used in hospitals, free standing labs, urology clinics, sperm banks, and fertility centers across the globe. Remember, it all started with a sperm!
  • FAST & EASY - The YO Home Sperm app guides you through the testing process with simple instructions. The test takes less than 30 minutes and results include a live video of your moving sperm.
  • PRIVACY - Delivering a sperm sample at the doctor's office is nerve wracking and awkward, to say the least.
  • Includes - 2 in-home test kits. Additional refill tests are also available for repeated usage.

Medical Electronic Systems (MES), the company behind the YO Home Sperm Test, is the largest single provider of automated sperm analyzers in the U.S. With over 40 percent market share, it is widely respected in the industry as the gold standard in comprehensive automated semen analysis. MES’s line of automated sperm quality analyzers are used in hospital labs, universities and IVF centers globally.




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