Geratherm Early Detect - 5 Pack

Geratherm Early Detect - 5 Pack

$29.99 CAD

This is a 5 pack of our premium pregnancy test!

Early detect is a new pregnancy test on the market that is 99% accurate and detects up to 4 days before your period. It is one of the MOST SENSITIVE tests on the market detecting hCG at 10 IU/L in urine! Different to other pregnancy tests, it allows for accurate results in a clean and more hygienic way with its extra long test strip.

As accurate as a rapid pregnancy test with your doctor.

  • Detects up to 4 days before period
  • Detects hCG in urine at a concentration of 10 IU/L
  • Rapid test for home use
  • Use at any time
  • Secure – more than 99% accurate
  • Easy-to-read test result
  • Extra long test strip
  • Comes with hygienic holder
  • Midstream test
  • Easy to use – hold the test stick in the urine stream for about 10 seconds
  • Quick – read off the results in approximately 3 minutes

Download Early Detect Manual

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