The Complete Control Bundle

$89.99 CAD

The Complete Control Bundle is the ultimate preparation set for pregnancy. This bundle includes a Geratherm Ovu Control Saliva Ovulation Predictor, a Geratherm Early Detect Pregnancy Test, and a Geratherm Basal Digital Thermometer.

Geratherm Ovu Control

Geratherm Ovu Control is a reusable, saliva-based ovulation predictor that is 98% accurate. It is the first and only Health Canada approved saliva-based ovulation predictor on the market.

  • Simple - All it takes is a dab of saliva on microscope

  • Economical - Take unlimited tests with this reusable device just for the cost of 2 months of traditional urine strips

  • Accurate - Clinically equivalent to urine strips
  • Hygienic - No urine required

The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine now recommends the use of Ovu Control during their Fertility shift as an option for patients to time their ovulation!  Click here to learn more about how naturopathic medicine can support optimal fertility.

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Geratherm Early Detect

Early Detect detects pregnancy with 99% accuracy up to 4 days before your period. It is as accurate as a rapid pregnancy test with your doctor and is one of the most sensitive tests on the market. Compared with other pregnancy tests, Early Detect allows for accurate results in a clean and hygienic way with its extra long test strip.


  • Detects up to 4 days before your period
  • Detects hCG in urine at a concentration of 10 IU/L
  • Can be used at any time
  • More than 99% accurate
  • Easy-to-read test result
  • Extra long test strip
  • Comes with hygienic holder
  • Midstream test
  • Easy to use – hold the test stick in the urine stream for about 10 seconds
  • Quick – read off the results in approximately 3 minutes

Geratherm Basal Digital

The Geratherm Basal Digital is a basal thermometer which can also be used as a family thermometer. Made of a flexible and durable plastic, this digital basal thermometer is one of the most accurate in the world, measuring to the hundredth of a degree. 


  • Digital cycle thermometer for the timing of ovulation.
  • Large 4-digit display
  • Backlit display for convenient reading even in the dark
  • Flexible tip – ideal for oral measurement
  • High accuracy: +/- 0.10 °C
  • 10 memories
  • 100 % waterproof
  • Temperature range: 32.00 °C – 43.99 °C
  • Switches between °C and °F
  • Acoustic signal
  • Switches off automatically
  • Includes temperature chart for tracking and analysis