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Szio+ | Our Brands
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The Szio+ Brands

Every brand and every product developed by Szio+ meet the highest requirements to be effective and precise. With the goal of providing healthcare self-management solutions, we make sure everything we create is clinically-proven, recommended by doctors, and easily accessible to all. Discover the Szio+ family below.


Your Partner In UTI Prevention

From screening your symptoms at home to prevention without antibiotics, you can now be better armed to control your UTIs and self-manage them more effectively. Our products use the highest quality methods and ingredients and are clinically-proven, recommended by doctors and made in Canada.
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Szio+ Basal Digital Thermometer

Ovulation Tracking Accuracy

Our Szio+ Basal Digital thermometer is designed to provide accurate readings to the 100th of a degree.  It can also function as a family thermometer with its wide temperature range and flexible tip.  The backlit feature and large LCD screen ensures ease of reading while the audible tones provide feedback for when temperature measurement is completed.

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Ferosom Forte

Best care for iron deficiency

Ferosom Forte is a unique iron supplement proven to be as effective as certain doses of IV-infused iron. Ferosom Forte is an iron pyrophosphate microencapsulated in Liposomal form with proprietary LCE coating. The LCE coat enables the iron to remain intact through the gastric environment thus offering high absorption with minimal side effects when compared to traditional iron therapies. Many gynecologists in Canada recommend Ferosom for prevention and treatment of anemia and are seeing excellent results.
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We strive to empower people to better manage their own health.