Szio+ Inc. was founded on the principal that all individuals and families should have access to and capability of fertility options, self diagnosis, and maintenance of health. Our vision is to empower patients to know yourself. People should be able to monitor themselves and still seek medical attention if and when needed. With access to proper care in a timely fashion anywhere in the world, these tests will help provide a convenient option in the privacy of someone’s own home. There are always various ways to maintain health if given the appropriate tools and ways to understand. Szio+ offers patients another choice to self-diagnose, early-detection at home and seek treatment for self maintenance.



Launching Innovation Together Inc (www.littinc.com) is a Canadian company specializing in medical device production, distribution and consulting. We are always looking for innovative & unique products for the Canadian market which provide value to consumers & hospitals while also being disruptive! With over 25 years of medical device experience, the founders are always up for a challenge. Szio+ Inc is a brand created by LITT Inc to put Canada in the forefront of diagnosis and treatment locally and in the global market! We are also the distributor in Canada for Geratherm family planning products.