Imagine being on vacation for 10 days in another country.

Imagine running a high fever, sweating profusely, having unbearable pain and almost not being able to walk and trying to find a walk-in clinic on the weekend.

Imagine finally finding a hospital spending 8 hours there trying to explain the problem and no one understands.

Imagine me, on the other side of the world, not being able to help her at all.

This is what happened to my wife and her story isn’t uncommon. She has had a history of urinary tract infections and it is debilitating. As a person with previous allergic reactions to antibiotics, she must be cautious when it comes to UTI treatment. My wife favours natural remedies when it comes to health and wellness due to the complicated history of reacting to medication, but especially for the treatment and prevention of UTI’s and building up her own natural health.

My name is Derek, one of the co-founders of Szio+, and going through these challenges compelled me to further understand UTIs and engage with professionals in our academic centres to learn what we could do to avoid this problem that could affect anyone.

Being susceptible to UTIs, the first line of options are typically antibiotics to treat a UTI and daily low dose antibiotics for prevention. In speaking with our Gynecologists, Urologists and UroGynes, we came to understand that not all-natural remedies are effective, and some may provide benefit, but they were in favour of patients using anything to make them feel better. The only natural product with significant data to support it was isolated to the active molecule of the cranberry – Proanthocyanidins (PAC). We learned that 36mg of PAC was the clinically effective dose that would help protect the urinary tract from bacteria such as E. coli from sticking to the tissue and allow for it to be flushed out when urinating.

This led us to working with a Canadian producer of cranberries that could formulate this specific concentration of whole cranberry fruit. Since the launch of our Szio+ 36PAC UTI Supplement, my wife has been taking it daily without any recurrence of UTIs. It has become a daily supplement which is not only preventing UTIs but also providing a strong dose of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits.

There are many cranberry options and other nutraceutical products, but little attention has been given to the active molecule of the whole cranberry. We have learned that if a cranberry product does not state how much Proanthocyanidin (PAC) is in it, the effectiveness will not be fully realized.


Szio+ Inc. was founded on the principal that all individuals and families should have access to and capability of fertility options, self diagnosis, and maintenance of health. Our vision is to empower patients to know yourself. People should be able to monitor themselves and still seek medical attention if and when needed. With access to proper care in a timely fashion anywhere in the world, these tests will help provide a convenient option in the privacy of someone’s own home. There are always various ways to maintain health if given the appropriate tools and ways to understand. Szio+ offers patients another choice to self-diagnose, early-detection at home and seek treatment for self maintenance.